Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I love Knitting!

This is my 'hate plastic, love knit' shoulder bag that I finished recently. It took me longer than I thought but I'm very happy with the results. It's the first time I've knit in cotton and I liked it a lot! No wool splitting but you have you be careful with your tension. I also learnt moss stitch which is used in the handles and the base pieces to give strength to the bag. Despite the original 'oooh, I'm learning a new stitch', I soon got bored with the repetitive of moss stitch and you have to concentrate a lot. ;o) Difficult when you're a knitter who likes watching the tele at the same time! hehe. The pattern is from the British knitting magazine 'Simply Knitting' which I love and I added a lining to the bag myself and the ribbon binding to give the bag more shape.

What's my next project going to be?
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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

British biscuits

After seeing the French version of this advert, I looked on youtube and it exists in English too. I mean, I am totally baffled to what they are trying to say about the Brits?! and in which country was this shown? Please let me know if you know....

FYI, these biscuits are yummy.

Monday, 20 July 2009

i'm back, just

I got back to Amiens last night and I think it's going to take me a little bit to settle down. My ears are well and truly blocked up and it's making me feel sick and dizzy and it's giving me a headache. Not the best welcome home. This is due to the Eurostar London - Lille. Since they've changed the route to make it quicker (now only 1h20mins) it plays havoc with my ear drums. Most of the journey is now spent coming in and out of long tunnels and the frequent change in room pressure has caused my ears to complain a lot. It's the worst it's been and I can't even manage to pop my ears so I'm stuck like this until they decide to return to normal. Yuck. Anyone got any tips? I'm an impatient kind of girl when it comes to illness.

This afternoon I'm going to wander into town to see if anything has changed in the two weeks I've been away. haha. The sales are still on I think so let's see if there is anything left that could be interesting to me. I'll probably come back with a woolly poncho and some shoes I'll never wear. I heart the sales.

Monday, 13 July 2009

car booty

Yesterday mum and I did a car boot sale in our local village. you pay £5 a place which goes to the scout group and then you're free to sell your junk goodies. There were about 20 cars and although it only starts officially at 2pm, we got there at 1.15pm to set up and we were the last car there and there were already people looking to buy! What's the point of the start time then?! Anyway.... we didn't have much to sell but we almost sold everything including my karaoke machine (haha) and a nice wall clock of mum's.

We didn't make millions but we only stayed an hour as we'd sold out practically there wasn't much point staying longer.
I think more and more people are coming to car boot sales what with everyone tightening their purse strings. I for one love looking for books. It is pot luck though. Sometimes you can find some gems and other times it really is just junk. But I guess one woman's junk is another woman's gold.
It was a nice afternoon but there was drama when a gazebo overturned in the wind and injured a little girl. She started bleeding a lot and was taken to hospital to be stitched up. Eek.

Dangerous stuff car boot sales.

Photo not contractual.

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Friday, 10 July 2009

In my other life, where thing seem different

I'm in Wales. Picardie beat me and I moved back to the homeland. (If only for 2 weeks, sniff)

I got back on Tuesday and since then I've been shopping, sunbathing - yes, it's possible in the UK, and chilling out. It's nice to be home as it always gives me time out where I can reflect on my life more objectively.

In Amiens, I feel like a goldfish in a very small tank, no coral, or little castle, looking out into the big exciting world outside but unable to get there. When I'm in Wales, I think about my life in that fish tank and it doesn't seem so small. Yeah, there is no coral, or little castle, but it doesn't seem so small.

The basics are there in my life in France. I'm loved. But I want so much more and vital things too.

Life shopping list (no expiry date to items on list)

1. friends...do you think rent-a-friend exists? This is still the biggest ongoing crappiness in my picardie life. I feel lonely A LOT. Not helped by the job situation (or lack of...)

2. a job other than teaching. In the process of my bilan de competances but unsure of the outcome...i fear slippery decent back to the classroom.

3. a garden. Yes please. my fish tank is smaller when the sun is shining and no where to go outside to soak up the much needed vitamin D. I'd love a garden where I can grow veggies and maybe keep a couple of chickens. ha, I'm turning into my mum.

4. a cat. When #3 is achieved, I will allow myself one. I've always had a cat and they bring joy and amusement. (sorry Rocco, still love you). This said, if one happened to wander into my fish tank, i'd be quick to shut the window behind and claim him right now.

Friday, 3 July 2009

It's not me, it's picardie

I'm so angry but it's not be unexpected. Picardie is rubbish.

I have finally (and I mean finally, I've been looking for years....) found that picardie has officially NO proper French classes. I kind of knew this as I've been looking but hey, it's nice to know it wasn't me.

The link proving that where YOU live is better equipped for foreigners than here. Notice the lack of Picardie in the list.

Also, I've been looking at training courses that are en alternance. That way I get to work and study at the same time. I found a fab website that helps people like me find these courses. Great! There is a map of France with it's 22 regions on it. With a booklet for each region about which jobs are recruiting in this manner. Fab! Except, picardie is (was) the only region that had 'in preparation' on it. I was so peed off. I waited, kept going back to see when they would put their info up, and joy, this morning they have.......replaced 'in progress' with the link to the national ONISEP site. I've been to these people, I know they are rubbish. Last time I went to the ONISEP advisors in Amiens I was told flatly that I should stay in teaching or do a masters in physics. Nothing else. When the nice people at the MEF rang them up for info for me, they said 'oh her, I've already told her to do a physics masters'. The MEF were horrified at their 'help'.

so, there is no way I can have french lessons, and it's not looking rosy on getting info about the training courses I want to do in the region.

Another wonderful day as a Brit in picardie.

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