Monday, 7 December 2009

this fonctionnaire made me laugh today, but the dream is dead

As I am sitting in front of a concours issued secretary at a university today I couldn't help but be blinded by the ironic string of words that were leaving her mouth.

I went there for some more information on a course that I'm interested in doing next year. My careers mentor at the ME of F asked me to get some more information on the course in order to determine what type of jobs graduates do, how many of them find jobs afterwards etc. Kinda important stuff right?! Well, it seems that these questions really cheesed this fonctionnaire off. She said that it wasn't information to be given out and she said that it was the first time anyone had asked, and totally didn't see the importance of why I was asking. I gritted teeth and explained that it was my career mentor that advised me to find out this information in order to create my project, but no, she still thought I was rude and even seemed peeved that I'd mentioned this career mentor.

I knew it was time to leave when she accused me of just wanting to be told what course to take, that she couldn't tell me what I should do, that it was for me to construct my dream and that they were just the people to enable me to follow said dream. Haha? Dream? So, you being a fonctionnaire, who had to sit a concours in order to be then 'placed' in a department of probably not even your choice, you have the right to talk to me about following your dreams? My cul.

I left saying that I might sign up for the course once I'd defined my 'dream' and forced a bonne journée. I know I shouldn't be angry or upset about this hollow woman, but I can't help it. She really annoyed me. How dare she talk to me about dream jobs when the country where I find myself doesn't recognise my degree and won't allow me to sign up to a course that needs (the French) high school diploma despite already having a bachelors? I'm just trying to save time by asking what type of jobs I would be able to do with certain diplomas under my belt. There is no way I am going to do another degree or diploma if the final outcome is unknown. I don't think that is stupid or rude to ask.

Unfortunately, if I do decide to do this degree, I'll have to go through her in order to get signed up and something tells me her concours certificate will make my route there less than smooth.

Are you doing your dream job or did you settle for something else now you are in France? I would be interested to find out!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My good manners are wasted in France

I'm sorry Mum, you raised me well, spent 18 years forming me into a human being who respects rules and other people and taught me the art of politeness. I'm sorry I moved to France and all your hard work was wasted, that no one appreciates it.

In the bus queue yesterday, I hovered back as the bus rolled up to allow an elderly lady pass in front of me. The people behind me sighed loudly and pushed past me muttering that I was holding them up. The poor old lady got on last.

Today, again on the bus, I was the first at the bus stop, and was waiting ages for the bus. I was in the place to get on the bus first but yet as the bus pulled up, every single last person surged forwards leaving me to get on last and as a result, not get a seat.

It really drives me mad this behaviour. I almost want to shout out something but I know that this behaviour is quite normal in France. I always stand up too for elderly people or heavily pregnant women but I am totally in the minority.

You just can't change how you were brought up I guess.

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