Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year honesties

Christmas and New Year has been and gone. I've not posted, but I've enjoyed following your blogs, to see how you see Christmas and what the New Year means to you.

I finished my job just before Christmas and I have mixed feelings about it. My contract was up and my boss did offer me a new one but I turned it down. He had too many flaws that made it impossible for me to stay. He has now had 5 different employees in 4 months, and he really should take note of that. It was never going to be a permanent thing and I'm glad of the experience. It's given me confidence, which was so badly needed, and I'm going to use this in order to move forward this year.

We spent New Year in Wales and as usual, stayed in. I was so happy to go home, and I really relaxed and slept a lot.

Coming back to France wasn't too difficult, as difficult goes. You know, however much you love and adore your parents, it's nice to go back to do things your way.

So, do I have any New Years resolutions? Not really. I can't be bothered. It's not that I'm lazy, or that I won't keep them, it's just that I've come to realise that I always get let down by them. I had a really miserable first six months of 2009 and I suppose I'm in a better place than 12 months ago, but by no means have I arrived. I still have a lot of work to do, mainly dealing with the arch nemesis that is finding a J.O.B. Optimism and hope? Move over to let realism and honesties pass please.

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Zhu said...

I think it's good on the long term to turn down a job offer that isn't that great. I wish I had done that more often as I was stuck in a few bad jobs in the past!

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