Thursday, 28 January 2010

Shopping in your PJs in France?

When reading this BBC article that a supermarket in Wales has banned customers shopping in their PJs or barefoot, I shook my head in shame*, how could this 24 year old mum of two let herself go to that extent? Then it suddenly dawned on me that I had really changed.

I mean, when the postman passes and I hear the clanging on our postbox, I seriously consider whether to open the door or not. I am inevitably in my PJs when he comes by and I prepare the postbox key from the comfort of the house in order to make the action as swift as possible. Shock horror imaging that a neighbour might spot me in my PJs. I have changed. Leaving the house is an event in France, even to open the postbox. When leaving the house to go to the kiné, supermarket, gyneco, make up has to be on, hair kind of set and I would never ever consider leaving my jogging bottoms on to leave the house, totally out of ze question.

What has happened to me? I was once that woman in the uni I went to the supermarket in slippers, no problem. I once went with my friend who was wearing PJ bottoms and rabbit shaped fluffy slippers and we didn't care one bit.

France has changed me, and I didn't see it coming.

*listen to the short interview with said woman on the BBC article. wonderful Welsh accent. What angle do you think the interviewer was actually going for?!!


Amber said...

I haven't listened but I had to comment. I'm the same way.. used to go to Uni in PJ's and now I won't even walk downstairs to accept a "colis" from the postman in fear that he'll ask me if i'm staying home sick that day!

Andromeda said...

Is that your accent too?? Love it!

The worst part of having a cast was going out in sweatpants! I felt so slobby, so also had tights/skirt combo. It's not that you've changed, it's adaptation. I love going back to that states and wearing more relaxed clothes, it's like a vacation for my wardrobe, lol.

Zhu said...

Eheh, I discussed that on a French forum!

I wouldn't shop in my pajamas but that's mostly because I only sleep with a tshirt. I also noticed most student are very dressed down. I go to my classes right after work so I always look like a "business woman" compared to most students!

The shopping in PJs thing makes me think of the "people of Walmart" website.

Vivianne Leclaire said...

It is funny how life in a different place changes you even if you don't realize it. No doubt about it: My lack of sweatpants can only be a good thing for those who are in my orbit.

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