Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I've now had over 30 physio sessions and my prescription only has one session left so I thought I'd measure my legs again to see the progress with my muscles. My left leg has grown in size of 2cm since I started, the calf and the thigh! I guess it could be fat but as I've actually lost weight since Christmas (the post binge comedown) I'll call the 2cm muscle! The only slight problem is that my right leg has actually got bigger by 2cm too but you can't have it all! I'm very happy to see a difference with all the work I've been doing on it!

I've just got my prescription for 6 months more of sessions so hopefully I'll see some more improvement. I feel much more stable generally and I know I can lift more weight with my left leg. I started by lifting 0.5 kg (no, that is not a typo) and now I'm up to 3kg with ease. My balance has improved too which is good.

I still haven't started stretching out my Achilles tendon as the kiné won't let me. This is definitely a tortoise of a race. I have to improve my balance and thigh strength before working on my tendon and my calf muscle so says the kiné. I really hope I can start working on building up muscle bulk on my left leg soon!!

This image shows that the tendon and calf muscle are connected. Explains why my muscle is tiny since my Achilles tendon doesn't stretch much. I can't work my calf muscle!

The summer is always a bit of a stress for me in the wardrobe department as I have to flash my uneven legs. This year I can't even get a warm up period to get used to flashing. In 4 days, my imperfections and I will be in Mexico!


Andromeda said...

Hmm, if you can't work your calf yet, I guess you can't tiptoe yet? That's what the kine is having me do to build up my calf. And like you, both sides gain at the same time, so it's still uneven, lol. I assume my muscles have a maximum size and once the one side reaches it, the broken foot side will finally be able to catch up!

I think your main concern in Mexico should avoiding sunburn! And I'm sure it's not as big a difference as you think, I am slightly obsessed with my calves right now but everyone says they can't see a difference. Plus, people on the beach are probably worrying about their own appearance more than looking at others. It's not France, remember, lol.

Have a good trip!

Emmy said...

Hi A!

I can't do tiptoe at all on my left leg. Never have been able to. I've thought about the maximum size theory too but as I can't get my bigger calf into a rainboot, I'd rather not get it bigger!

Measure your legs and let me know the difference in size. Mine is 7 cm, does it make you feel better?!

The pharmacist told me yesterday as I was being measured for (different sized) flight socks - don't worry, people will be looking up top if you wear a bikini! Distraction techniques à la française!

Mil said...

Hi Emma, I'm crossing my fingers your flight's not affected by all that ash! Did you get a bit red after your Saturday meal with us? Thanks to you and J for coming out and showing us the way to the canal. JuJu behaved quite well on the boat. The train ride back was another story.

Emmy said...

Hi Mil

We're drinking wine to numb the stress about tomorrow. Crossing everything too. Paris airport has removed all time frame on their message about the volcano. Not looking good.

Glad you had a nice time on the boat and that J behaved herself! Don't forget, we're happy to bilingually babysit!! hehe

Crystal said...

your blog is saying "please update me!!!!

Havent seen you on FB or on here in a bit...are you staying with your parents or were you able to get a flight to Mexique after all? Come on here and fill us in girl!

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