Sunday, 16 May 2010

4 day weekend gone in a flash!

My first ever 4 day weekend in France is nearly over and I feel deflated. My friend Rachie has just left and we had a great weekend together geocaching, eating and drinking! It was my first ever 4 day weekend in France thanks to the bank holiday that was on Thursday and where I work did the 'pont' ie, didn't open up on Friday.

Yes, I have found a job and no, I haven't blogged about it for 2 weeks. Forgive me?!

Actually, I'm already halfway through my contract, good things never last I guess! Even though I'm totally ok with bloggng about the lack of job and how hard it is to find a non teaching job here etc etc, I am much less ok with talking about jobs that I actually do have. Just know that I am loving it, that it has done my confidence the world of good and that it's the best job I might never have. It might be possible to get a job there but it's not sure and I don't know how long it'll be before a position becomes available.

At the moment I have a steady, full time job, colleagues and a routine. I know there are many many people wanting to get out of the work routine but I really crave this. It allows you to plan for the future, to organise your home life. All my working experiences in France have been the complete opposite and that's what killed me off.

Here's to the routine, and here's hoping that I can find a way to keep it.


Janet said...

Fingers crossed for you - you never know where a job might lead!

Rach said...

Good luck! And thanks for a brill weekend :) xx

Andromeda said...

Yay! Congrats on the job!! I know what you mean about routine, the days I don't work I do NOTHING, but if I come home after working all day I have all this energy like, "only have two hours, must do everything!"

Leah said...

Felicitations to you! I'm happy you've found something you enjoy and even if might be temporary, you at least know it's possible to find something you love! Congrats again!!

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