Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Get a roooooom!

Eugh, I've just been subjected to the worst PDA that I've seen in a long time. As I got on the bus, my ears and eyes were drawn to a young couple, sharing a single seat near where I was standing. The snogging (to use a v British word) was obscene to start with but quickly descended into a bisous-fest. As it was so ridiculous, and as there was nothing better to do, I started counting the times that I heard the smack. A frigging 42 times I heard that noise and then I only stopped counting because loads of people got on and drowned the noise out. It was interspersed with 'stop it', 'no, really, stop it, and stupid giggling.

It was gross!!

I was happy to get off the bus a mere 4 minutes after I got on it. I really should start cycling into town.


kiwi in france said...

Urghhh, I feel your pain! Having my parents in France I've noticed the PDA more and more, I guess I'd gotten used to it (only a little...) and they're pointing it out everywhere.

Vicky Bonetto said...

Ha ha ha, I actually experienced something like that when I went to France, I did a tour with my brother all over Europe and even though the PDA I saw wasnt french, it was spanish. When we went to spain, we had a really long day of walking working and doing tourism, so we decided to go to a pub, to have a couple beers with some friends. On the way there, I literally saw a 60 y/o man having sex with an.... what would be a nice word.... hmm okay, an "escort" if you know what i mean, right right on the side of the street!!! against a wall! It was the most disgusting thing i have ever seen. I wanted to run away, but i was kind of stuck in the crowd. Let me tell you, there are a lot of weird things in Europe. I feel your pain.

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