Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mexico.....actually.....not at all.

I've taken my time in writing this one because well, it was hard to. But now I have to replace a post on my blog that I see each time I log in telling me that I'll be in Mexico in 4 days.

We never made it.

We all know about the Ash Cloud blah blah blah. A little text message from Air France at midnight, 12 hours before our flight confirmed that we would not indeed be going as the flight was cancelled. ps, please don't bother turning up to the airport. agggh

We did the waiting at the travel agents, we talked about the possibilities, J tried to postpone his holidays, and then we gave up. We cancelled our holiday and with very limited possibilities available to us and a very VERY heavy heart, we got the ferry to the UK for our urrm, dream holiday.

We had a nice time don't get me wrong but instead of spending my birthday on a white sandy beach with unlimited cocktails at our 5* hotel, I spent it in Wales, oh hoy, it rained for the pleasure. gutted!

The nearest I got to Mexico this year was the card my mum had bought for me. She almost didn't give it to me after what happened but I'm glad she did! It at least made me laugh.

Now, back in France, we are still none the wiser to whether or not we'll get refunded. Good times indeed.


Crystal said...

aww I'm so sorry you couldn't go on your dream holiday :( I hope at the very least you get refunded so you can use that money to actually get away sometime soon with J. You have every right to feel pissed off/depressed/whiney...I know how much you wanted to go!

P.S. the card is really cute and I'm glad it made you smile :)

Rach said...

that card is the most amazing thing i've ever seen

Mil said...

I can only imagine the huge disappointment. I feel so bad for you. I second what Crystal said, I sure hope you get refunded. Take care and belated happy birthday.

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