Friday, 25 June 2010

Holiday attempt number 2

I've got the afternoon off from work because I still haven't packed for our holidays. We're leaving at about 6pm (ha, in 4 hours) to go to the hotel near the airport. We'll sleep a mere 4 hours tops before getting up to go to the airport for 3am. We're going to Bulgaria for a week of all inclusive heaven.

I'm nervous and feeling a bit blank because I'm convinced we're not going. The Mexico holiday that never was in April has taught me not be get excited about holidays. I'll be excited when the aeroplane takes off, until then, nada.

I really need a break. Although I love my job, unfortunately working with certain people isn't so fun. I'm exhausted mentally and physically and will be glad of the rest. I plan on reading on the beach and tasting as many (free) cocktails as I can.

Now, where is my suitcase again.....? aghh.

See you soon!


Crystal said...

oh have fun! all inclusive holidays are the best if you want to relax. Cant wait to see pics!

Rach said...

have fun!!

Mil said...

Hope you got there safely and come back as tanned as a little Welsh girl can.

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