Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bulgaria all inclusive, OAPs n all

A month ago we went to Bulgaria for a week at a seaside resort at the black sea, all inclusive in a hotel with a team of holiday reps present with all day activities and excursions.

On arrival at the airport we noticed there were loads of old folk getting on the transfer buses but we didn't think much of it until we arrived at our hotel only to realise that the said old folk were going to be staying at our hotel. I was pretty gutted to be honest. We'd purposefully booked in a hotel with an 'animation team' that offered sporting activities and poolside aperitifs, so I honestly was miffed to see 100 or so old people shuffling around the lunch buffet. I'm talking walking sticks, blue rinse curls and wheelchairs. I think the animation team were perplexed too - at the welcome meeting 'so, who's here to party?! reply....'yea, I thought so'.

I spent the first day trying to find a way out of there but stuck it out long enough to meet up with the only other young couple there. What a relief!

Old folk aside, the holiday was good. The beach was very clean and it was nice having the beach loungers and free drinks! Outside of the beach resort there wasn't a lot to see to be honest. We took a few day trips to see the towns and we were quickly finished. Tourism is just starting in Bulgaria and you can still see a lot of Russian influence. J thought it looked like the area had just come out if the war.

The best excursion we did was a half day in a communist army Jeep, exploring the countryside. Thrills assured when the Jeep almost tipped over in the mud on numerous occasions. That and me being thrown from my seat twice, ripping my shorts and being bruised beyond belief. It was great fun!

All in all the holiday was what we needed. We relaxed by the pool, ate loads of good food and chilled out. I would have liked more 'action' in the end, but hey, I guess it was out of our control.

We were looking forward to our next destination, Bratislava in Slovakia where we were promised by two slovaks we met in Bulgaria that it was a young city...

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Mil said...

Yes, but what about pictures!!! I can just see the expression on your face when all those seniors got on the bus.

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