Friday, 6 August 2010

I heart Bratislava

Bratislava was everything that Bulgaris wasn't! It was young, busy, cosmopolitan and cultured. We spent 5 days there, staying in a private room in a clean and bright hostel.

I was not expecting the heat, and boy, was it hot! I should have guessed when I saw all the swimming pools in the gardens as we were landing at the airport but it was confirmed when I saw all the drinking fountains in the city centre! It was 35°C daily and it rained once, so hard that it provoked my gut to burst with laughter! I'd never seen such force and 15 minutes after in stopped, the ground was dry again! Incredible!

With the heat came the mosquitoes! We had to buy some spray as they were everywhere - even a restaurant one night left a bottle of insect spray on our table and we were so grateful!

We spent 5 great days exploring the city, eating and drinking very well and cheaply - evening meal 5€ per person, 1€ the beer.

We were able to indulge in geocaching - there were loads to do in Bratislava and we met another couple at one sight! Our first crossing of international geocachers. It touched me hugely when they gave us a gift of a beaded mobile phone charm that is now proudly attached to our GPS. Just one more reminder what great experiences can be had whilst geocaching!

The slovak girls are particularly worthy of a mention. I found them to be chic and well groomed. They were all oddly, uniformly, but beautifully, tanned. I'm sure they like UV sunbeds because it was perfectly even. Even with all the cobbles they wore high heels but sensibly, wore wedged heels which I suppose are easier to walk in than stilettos. And the mosquito bites...ouch is all I can say! I wonder if they are immune to the itch or not?!

I was sad to leave the city and come back to France, it really was great there and exactly what we needed after the relaxing, slow paced holiday that we had in Bulgaria.


Jennie said...

Awesome! I'm really interested in visiting Eastern European countries, especially Slovakia. I can't wait for Bratislava now!

MilkJam said...

yea geocaching!!!! i'm so glad i could spread the love and that you guys love it as much as us!! fun times!!

Mil said...

It's true that the girls from the Eastern countries are quite beautiful. I didn't know they were so tanned there, though. I would stick out like a sore thumb there.

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