Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Moving on in slow motion

I'm in the homeland, visiting my parents and catching up with a couple of friends.

The change in weather conditions and temperature has been brutal to say the least - I left the south of France (more on that another time, I never do things in order) in 32oC, sun and palm trees and touched down in pouring rain, 20oC to the UK. I've been informed that it's actually colder in the North of France where I live, but I'm suffering the change in temperature all the same. I've been wearing a jumper and jeans since getting back, sad times indeed for August.

I've not been 'home' for four months and in that time the house has had a makeover, including my bedroom which is now, no longer 'my' bedroom. Mum informed me that she'd boxed all of my possessions, thrown out my school desk and dressing table, removed shelving and bought a double bed to replace my single one. Frankly, with the new decoration too, it's unrecognisable.

I'm not bothered that she's done it, let's face it, it needed doing, but now I've been left with the horrible task of sorting through the boxes deciding what to do with every memory that lies within. I thought it would be easy; throw out, recycle, charity shop, take to France...but I'm realising I'm not that strong or quick thinking!

I would definitely describe myself as someone who is not a hoarder. I hate keeping things that will obviously never be reused and whenever I feel the need, I can de-clutter my wardrobe or house in France no problems at all. It seems, my bedroom in Wales is not so easy. Every item as a memory from my childhood, my adolescence, uni....my British life in general and I'm making hard work of de-cluttering.

I know I will never need, use or want any of the stuff in France, I've managed 5 years without them, but I still can't throw things out. I've got a lot of good clothing that I wore at uni when I went out that I just couldn't possibly wear in France. When did you last see a French girl wearing rara skirts and silk boob-tubes on a night out?! yea, exactly. Yet, each item has a good memory, to a time when I was carefree, more confident about myself and thinner!

I've come across old photos, old friends, old books, old clothes, old school books. All old, all in the past.

I know I need to move on, I know in fact, I already have. This has been the first time in over two years that I've spent so much time away from J and I miss him like crazy! Despite this, please accord me the baby steps I'll be taking this week towards removing traces of my old life.

This post has been brought to you by the letter q (stupid UK keyboqrd!) and the word 'ebay'


Mil said...

You don't have to throw it all away. Bring a little bit of the UK back with you to cheer you in those hard times back here.

L said...

I still have tons of stuff at my parents' house, mostly books and cds. On the one hand, like you I've obviously survived without all the things I left at home. When I came to France my mom shipped several big boxes through a freight company and I kind of wonder if one of these days I'll end up freighting the rest of it back. After I move of course, because there's no place to put it for now!

Astrid said...

It's too sad to throw all of it out! My parents moved houses and my room disappeared as well into boxes. Some of it was sent to me here in France and some are still in a couple of boxes in my parents loft... I rarely look at the notes, books and pics but all the same I feel a bit of me still has a connection with my home country that way. Silly surely... and now that my mum is looking to sell the house and buy a flat I'd be forced to make the same decisions you're taking now.

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