Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I've now had over 30 physio sessions and my prescription only has one session left so I thought I'd measure my legs again to see the progress with my muscles. My left leg has grown in size of 2cm since I started, the calf and the thigh! I guess it could be fat but as I've actually lost weight since Christmas (the post binge comedown) I'll call the 2cm muscle! The only slight problem is that my right leg has actually got bigger by 2cm too but you can't have it all! I'm very happy to see a difference with all the work I've been doing on it!

I've just got my prescription for 6 months more of sessions so hopefully I'll see some more improvement. I feel much more stable generally and I know I can lift more weight with my left leg. I started by lifting 0.5 kg (no, that is not a typo) and now I'm up to 3kg with ease. My balance has improved too which is good.

I still haven't started stretching out my Achilles tendon as the kiné won't let me. This is definitely a tortoise of a race. I have to improve my balance and thigh strength before working on my tendon and my calf muscle so says the kiné. I really hope I can start working on building up muscle bulk on my left leg soon!!

This image shows that the tendon and calf muscle are connected. Explains why my muscle is tiny since my Achilles tendon doesn't stretch much. I can't work my calf muscle!

The summer is always a bit of a stress for me in the wardrobe department as I have to flash my uneven legs. This year I can't even get a warm up period to get used to flashing. In 4 days, my imperfections and I will be in Mexico!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Almost 5 years ago I moved to France and as I opened the door to my shared accommodation for the first time, I was greeted by Damian, the Spanish language assistant from Mexico. He too was spending a year in frogland and although the beginnings were a little tentative, we soon became firm friends and up to this day, we call each other petite soeur and grand hermano, we speak on msn and skype and I always send him a birthday card. :o) I cherish the bracelet he gave me the day we went our separate ways 4 years ago and I still have in my purse the pesos coins he gave me.

In fact, it is because of Damian that J and I are together. Damian knew J before I did, and he often mentioned that J had asked after me. I didn't think much about it, and we never seemed to be in the same place at the same time, but near the end of my year there, I went out with Damian and J was there...Damian was less than discrete and I felt a bit embarrassed but we got talking and well, the rest is history as they say. Damian obviously had a bit of intuition!

J and I have always said we'd love to go to Mexico and well, in less than two weeks, we will be there! We are spending one week with Damian in his town of Aguascalientes in the west of Mexico, inland, and then we fly over to Playa del Carmen near Cancun where we're staying in a Hotel all inclusive.


I have never been out of Europe and so the flight will be an experience! We fly to Mexico City and then we have to take an internal flight to where Damian lives. The day we go to Playa-del-Carmen involves two more internal flights.

I wrestle with feelings of guilt about going because I don't feel I deserve this amazing opportunity due to not working etc etc but I won't dwell on this here. There are too many positive and exciting things to write about too but I know what I'm looking forward to the most. You know the beginning sequence of Love Actually (Hugh Grant film) where you see happy reunions at airports with a powerful message about loving?! Well, it gets me in the back of the throat every time. Watch me run when I see Damian at the airport.... and then the tears of happiness that join me soon after.

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