Sunday, 30 May 2010

Looking youthful has its perils

I've always been told I don't look my age. Mother nature has given me childlike skin and soft features. I should feel blessed but I've recently been reminded of the flip side.

Where I work, all year round there is a steady stream of work placement students, or stagiaires. They come as part of their studies and stay usually 6-12 weeks. It seems I've been lumped in with them and I frankly don't know how to get out of their gang.

I got belittled the other day when I asked at reception for something - she dialled the telephone and said that a student, I shook my head, oh, the stagiaire... she said.....I grimaced (I was with a stagiaire at the time, so I let it pass) needed this and that....

The same day another person used a voice that can only be described as patronising when I asked for a document from a another department for my boss that apparently didn't exist. I wanted it in English as all the others were that he wanted, but she told me that it didn't exist in English and that I should listen to instructions from my boss more carefully. I was less than impressed. If she'd turned to her colleague on my departure and said 'oooh, that stagiaire is sooo cute for getting it wrong' I would not have been surprised.

It's so important to me to be taken seriously at work but looking baby faced isn't helping at all. You will all probably say 'you'll be grateful for your youthful appearance when you turn 40', yea ok, but it's really not helping the here and now. I am not a stagiaire, I've just had my contact prolonged for two more months (hooray!) and I want to make a good impression all round.

What to do? Any ideas on looking older and more credible bar starting smoking for wrinkles? All ideas welcome.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Get a roooooom!

Eugh, I've just been subjected to the worst PDA that I've seen in a long time. As I got on the bus, my ears and eyes were drawn to a young couple, sharing a single seat near where I was standing. The snogging (to use a v British word) was obscene to start with but quickly descended into a bisous-fest. As it was so ridiculous, and as there was nothing better to do, I started counting the times that I heard the smack. A frigging 42 times I heard that noise and then I only stopped counting because loads of people got on and drowned the noise out. It was interspersed with 'stop it', 'no, really, stop it, and stupid giggling.

It was gross!!

I was happy to get off the bus a mere 4 minutes after I got on it. I really should start cycling into town.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

4 day weekend gone in a flash!

My first ever 4 day weekend in France is nearly over and I feel deflated. My friend Rachie has just left and we had a great weekend together geocaching, eating and drinking! It was my first ever 4 day weekend in France thanks to the bank holiday that was on Thursday and where I work did the 'pont' ie, didn't open up on Friday.

Yes, I have found a job and no, I haven't blogged about it for 2 weeks. Forgive me?!

Actually, I'm already halfway through my contract, good things never last I guess! Even though I'm totally ok with bloggng about the lack of job and how hard it is to find a non teaching job here etc etc, I am much less ok with talking about jobs that I actually do have. Just know that I am loving it, that it has done my confidence the world of good and that it's the best job I might never have. It might be possible to get a job there but it's not sure and I don't know how long it'll be before a position becomes available.

At the moment I have a steady, full time job, colleagues and a routine. I know there are many many people wanting to get out of the work routine but I really crave this. It allows you to plan for the future, to organise your home life. All my working experiences in France have been the complete opposite and that's what killed me off.

Here's to the routine, and here's hoping that I can find a way to keep it.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mexico.....actually.....not at all.

I've taken my time in writing this one because well, it was hard to. But now I have to replace a post on my blog that I see each time I log in telling me that I'll be in Mexico in 4 days.

We never made it.

We all know about the Ash Cloud blah blah blah. A little text message from Air France at midnight, 12 hours before our flight confirmed that we would not indeed be going as the flight was cancelled. ps, please don't bother turning up to the airport. agggh

We did the waiting at the travel agents, we talked about the possibilities, J tried to postpone his holidays, and then we gave up. We cancelled our holiday and with very limited possibilities available to us and a very VERY heavy heart, we got the ferry to the UK for our urrm, dream holiday.

We had a nice time don't get me wrong but instead of spending my birthday on a white sandy beach with unlimited cocktails at our 5* hotel, I spent it in Wales, oh hoy, it rained for the pleasure. gutted!

The nearest I got to Mexico this year was the card my mum had bought for me. She almost didn't give it to me after what happened but I'm glad she did! It at least made me laugh.

Now, back in France, we are still none the wiser to whether or not we'll get refunded. Good times indeed.

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