Thursday, 28 October 2010

I take my chapeau off, chapeau dear fonctionnaire

I know I rant about them, and I promise this will be the last time, because frankly, I doubt this can be beaten.

I spoke about the same fonctionnaire department the other day, but this post should be framed.

I rang said department on Monday between the hours of 2 and 4 (yes, I'm well trained now) only to be told that the department was only accepting calls this week on Thursday and Friday. Whatever, I said, I emailed my secret weapon instead (in fact, I guessed her email address! ha! name@stupidgovernmentdept.gallicshrug and bingo -it worked AND she replied!)

The joy was short lived when I realised I needed to ring them again for more info and being sage again, I didn't ring yesterday (A, it was Wednesday and on their headed paper it said they weren't open on Wednesdays, and B, they already told me they were only accepting phone calls on Thursday and Friday.)

So, today, Thursday at 2.20pm (it said it on my watch so it must have been) I ring the number. Thursday: check Between 2 and 4: check.

Me: Can I speak to the X department please?
Her: Without saying a word, she rang me through......

and it rang
and it rang
and it rang......

I say out loud to my colleagues that they're not answering and how rude, it's after 2pm and then it hits me. My colleague says bluntly 'Emmy, do you really expect them to answer, no one is there, they're on strike.

I slam the phone down and scream! I was stunned. I had no words to describe my frustration and still don't.

The nerve of the person on Monday to tell me to ring back on Thursday when they knew full well no one would be there to answer. The nerve of the receptionist not to tell me not to bother as they were striking. The nerve of these people who send me letters wanting info from me but they are never available to receive said info. The nerve. The nerve. The nerve.

If you can work out when I should ring this department I would appreciate it cos I say chapeau, I give up.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Classic fonctionnaire conversation

So, I spend some of my time at my job fighting it out with fonctionnaires on the phone but i have to admit, the one I had on the phone yesterday takes the biscuit and wins the prize for being totally illogical!

Me: Hello, can I have the. X department please?
Her: ring back tomorrow, it's open between 2 and 4pm.
Me: What? Only between these times on a Thursday? That's crazy.
Her: no, it's open every day between these times. Goodbye.

She hangs up before I have time to say...

But madame, it's now only 3.35pm....

Big fat sigh. Some days, I give up.

Friday, 15 October 2010

In a blink of an eye

Wow, how did 2 months pass since I last posted? I remember one month and thinking, yea, I really have lots of things to post, and then I blinked, and it's now been two months.

Like many of you, I blame Facebook. It is the devil's work, it really is. When I feel like saying something, I've been saying it over there. Sorry poor neglected blog, I promise I won't abandon you.

I also feel a bit of a frustrated blogger because I could and want to talk about a million and one things, but they are usually work related, so alas, my funny stories are stored and only shared to the few.

I'm going to have to blog about other stuff, I know, but finding a job has been mission impossible and the root of my many, ok, almost all of my posts. Talking of which, I am still hanging on in at my cdd, gaining confidence, experience and oh, cdd contracts.

I'm going to back-blog to get up to date on the goings-on round here... I've been enjoying your blogs and it is only correct that I return the favour! For I know that being an expat is not easy. That we all need to know that we are not alone in our loony moments, crises and joy!!

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