Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The 70 week

Not one for ranting (huhum) I just had to get this off my chest. I think I've already mentioned that my boyfriend works stupid hours at his work and this week is no exception. He's just rang me to say he'll be home at 10pm. He got up at 6am today and that was at a hotel, just next to his where his most recent project is happening. So, another 16 hour day. I last saw him yesterday at 6am.

This is the only thing we fight about. I moan all the time that he regularly does 12 hour days (on good days) and 16 on bad ones. He'll eat in his car as he goes to his next rdv. He always works on Friday afternoons even though he shouldn't. 35 hours my cul.

Can anyone give me coping mechanisms for stupid workaholic other halves? He says he has no choice, that the work has to be done etc etc but I worry about his health, our relationship, everything.

Tomorrow, straight from work, (ha) we're getting in the car to go to Wales for the long weekend so I can see my parents and somehow, miraculously he can be home at 7pm. how is this possible? Why can't he do this every night considering he should finish EVERY day at 6pm?! I hope he holds up on the long drive of 7 hours. At least when he's in the UK he'll be 'off duty', at least until Monday, when I'll start stressing about it all again.

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