Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The weepy one where I announce stuff and try to get up to date

I thought this title summed it up as best as possible, although it is rambling as usual!

As my mum told me earlier... one thing at a time...

The weepy one because everything is getting on top of me. Why is it that Christmas is meant to just be the most wonderful thing in the world?! This year Mr Snow and his big snow guns have really made things difficult for a lot of people and I'm stressing about everything! I almost broke down on the way into town today, I can't take wet feet any more and slipping on the 2 inch deep ice on the pavements. I started my Christmas shopping today and of course the shops no longer have the sizes of things I need. I couldn't send my Christmas cards this year despite having them - I couldn't get to the post office and now it's too late. 2 Christmas parties were cancelled so we've not seen our friends, and let's not forget - will we actually be able to make it back to the UK on Thursday pm? The weather is even worse back home, 30 cm of snow in my parents street. I'm fed up of being cold, wet, dirty and stressed about whether or not we'll make it back for Christmas. Where's my Christmas cheer?

The one where I announce stuff - we can finally start to plan because drum roll........I signed my CDI in November!! I am thrilled about this although at the time it was a bit complicated and so I couldn't really celebrate and still haven't really. I still can't really believe it but I guess it'll take a while to sink in. My life really has changed since I started working there. I have so much more confidence it's incredible. J can't get over it. I still have my crappie moments (like today), don't we all, but on the whole my life is much happier, more settled. I've come so far in the 5 years I've lived in France and I'm proud of myself for persisting.

Getting up to date is tough. The one big thing I've noticed since working full time is how little time I have to fit everything in! (and my colleagues remind me that I don't have children!!) Honestly, working takes up so much time! I don't think teachers appreciate the fact that they can organise to go into town, do laundry, clean the house on their downtime. Before, when J go home on Friday evening, we'd leave for the weekend and return on Sunday evening but I just can't do this any more. I need at least until Saturday afternoon to fit in a bit of housework or shopping before I'm good to go! Laundry has become the biggest pain in my life and I've decided we're getting a dryer in January so I can speed up the process some what! I'm genuinely excited about this!!

I think I need to rethink my blogging because let's be frank, most of the time I rant(ed) about how hard it is to find a job and/or be accepted in France. Yes I have a job (that I love), but let's not pretend this means I have been 'accepted'! Unfortunately, all job stuff is off limits for my blog, which is a huge shame because I have some pearls to write/rant about! Maybe I'll find a way to share somehow....

Merry Christmas to everyone! I have been thinking about the others of you that I know in France - I hope that you have all managed to get to be with your loved ones for Christmas, near or far. Being with the ones you love is the most important aspect after all.

Fingers crossed I'll make it too! I guess arriving is the most important, however long it takes. That goes for anything I suppose! :o)

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