Sunday, 27 March 2011

moving on up, moving on out!!

I'm back in the UK - it seems like this is the only time I get to blog these days, so now is a good time to update (excuse any qwerty type typos) So, a lot has happened since new year! Our week in the UK over Christmas was great - we didn't have too many problems with the snow despite the ridiculous amount there was on the ground! New Year was spent in France - a big tradition where we eat silly quantities of food with all J's friends. This year was in fancy dress which made it more fun. we got dressed up as pirates, but our friends won with their amazing costumes of 'the incredibles', even the baby got a costume! Every year it's at a different person's house....and maybe, just maybe it'll be at ours next year because.... ...we've just bought a house! We visited about 25 houses in total since the new year, which was exhausting and we found the one at the beginning of February! We signed the compromis at the end of February and now we are in the banks getting a mortgage sorted out. Fingers crossed we'll get the keys mid-April but it will probably be more like mid-May because the mortgage insurance is being slow de chez slow. The house is a semi-detached 3 bedroomed place in the suburbs of the city I live in. I can't wait! There is a lot of work to do and I'm sure I'll be talking about our progress! The best bit is that there is a garden (and it faces south) We promised ourselves that last summer would be our last without a garden and things have held true! This year we will mainly be eating BBQs and soaking up the sun on deck chairs!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Moving on, moving on up

Yes, remember me? Yes, I'm Emmy of Emmygration. I used to blog a lot, but then I decided reading yours was much more fun and so I slinked off into the sunset, urm, I mean Picarde fog.

I haven't forgotten you blog, it's just that I've had other stuff to get on with. I'll have some time on my hands at the end of the week and I promise will do my best to update as I may have a few bits of news!!

Until then, keep posting!

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