Monday, 23 April 2012

Step 2: Exercise

Like I have already mentioned, this year is going to the year that things change.  I'm fed up of thinking that if xyz changes, I'd feel better but I really do believe now that I am the only one who is capable of changing things for me.

This means I want to do more things for me.  I've already spoken about the gospel choir that I've joined, which is, by the way going brilliantly!  I leave each rehearsal buzzing!

The second point is more of a lifestyle change.  I've decided to give exercise another chance in my life!  As the french say, I was fachée with exercise for a long time, meaning I didn't do any at all!  In fact, it's really been since I moved to France nearly 7 years ago!  When I was a teenager, I went to Karate and was super fit.  I remember having a 4 pack of the 6 on my stomach.  I did 4 hours a week and got to a brown belt when I was 17 (one below black).  When I went to uni, i tried to find a club that did the same branch of Karate, but didn't find any.  I was left with the only choice to leave behind 6 years of hard work to go back to beginner level in another style/branch of Karate.  I chose to give it up totally and since then, I've never really done much sport!  gulp, 11 years later.

I did train to do a 5km race at the end of uni (after 4 years of wine drinking and pizza eating!!) and did the adidas women's challenge (it was the hydroactive challenge back in those days) in London with some friends 2 weeks before I moved to France and then rien.  Not a dot of regular exercise.  I remember training for the 5km race 7 years ago and wanting to train up to a 10km race.  The feeling crossing the finishing line was immense and I know I would have continued to do 5km races if I was still in the UK and train for a 10km.

Unfortunately France isn't so interested in these short races!  They don't do sponsored fun runs.  In fact, no one seems to get sponsored at all!  Not for the 10kms, and well, I haven't looked into longer races.  I find it incredible that they don't exist and that no one gets sponsored!  For me, it's one HUGE motivation in training for any event - that you are no t inly doing it for you, but you're doing it for someone else too.

Since deciding to get running again (ok, jogging, let's not get ahead of ourselves here) I have now managed to track down a very slim list of 5km races in the region or neighbouring region of Lille.  So, I have the starters for my motivation!  The only thing left was to start the training!

Wow, haven't things changed in 7 years?!  When I was training for the 5km race, I got a sheet with the walk/run programme.  This time around, there is a facebook page dedicated to a couch to 5km fitness programme and I've also researched and bought an apple application get running which does the planning for you and a nice lady tells me when to start running or walking and tells me I'm doing a good job (I like the one where she tells me I'm nearly done!!)  It's incredible what technology has done for the running world! I've also bought a nike+ sensor that I've strapped to my shoe and use with my ipod touch so I know how far I've gone each time.  That's totally satisfying!  I've always been a technology head - and I thought I may as well indulge a little in order to get me motivated!

So, i started the intervals only this week.  It was the perfect time to start!  I even went for the run before breakfast with J one day along the beach.  I wish I could do that all the time but it really was special to start the programme whilst on holiday at the spa!  The only problem is, is that I got huge stitches really quickly, like the 3rd one minute run!  I'm hoping it's just because I may have gone a little overboard with the sport this week, but I hope it doesn't continue!  I don't remember getting them last time I trained for the 5km race, but I guess I was 7 years younger.  I tried not eating before, nor drinking, and breathed in the right places, but it didn't help.  Any anti-stitch tips would be very welcome!

source (photo definitely not contractual!!)

I'm determined this time to get fit, so I have to start somewhere.  Today, I am very proud of myself.  Proud of myself for dealing with my issues.  Proud of myself for wanting to change things around.  Proud of myself for setting off on this adventure.


Ksam said...

Good for you! I did the Couch25K program last year and it really does work (I unfortunately still don't enjoy running tho :/)

philippa_moore said...

You should be proud - very proud!

Stitches are awful and I don't have a lot of tips other than concentrate on breathing in through the nose, that sometimes helps me. The only thing that gets rid of it is stopping and touching my toes. And then when you get going again, think about something distracting or listen to some good music!! :)

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