Wednesday, 4 April 2012

walking in the sun

That's exactly what I did on Sunday and boy did I discover lots of things!

We had stayed over at a couple of friends' and we woke up on Sunday feeling a little tender from one beer too many on Saturday.  We soon we're feeling much better after coffee and OJ and we drove the short distance to the event.  The boys left for their 40km bike ride and my friend and I set about our 10km walk at 9h40

We were a bit disappointed that the route was not in the forest, like the bike ride but it was such a nice day we didn't mind that much.  By about 3km I started to get hip ache.  I blame my new walking boots that are actually quite heavy, but I ignored it until 6km where there were refreshments!  When I started to walk again I realised that my hips were REALLY pulling but was determined not to think about it and we finished the 10km walk in about 2 hours.  The sun was out the whole way but it was quite cold at 9°C.

We waited for the boys to get back and we were happy to find each other in the crowds.  There were 3,500 mountain bike riders and 1,000 walkers I have since found out, one of the biggest events in the area.  I quite like a nice man in cycling trousers so you can imagine I was spoilt (minus the old men, eugh)

We decided to lie out in the square waiting for the tombola where you could win mountain bikes galore and the converted prize of your weight in the local cheese!  We had a nap on the grass, me with my hat totally covering my face except my nose - it was quite cold actually and I started to shiver!  Needless to say we didn't win anything at the tombola (the man who won his weight in cheese was built like a rugby player and 108kg!  Can you imagine 108kg of cheese?!  And to boot, one of the smelliest cheeses in France?!  yikes!  It took my a long time to taste it because it really does stink, but it is no where near as strong when you eat it, although it is hard to take the plunge!)

We also had the pleasure of taking home a small cheese which are now in the fridge in the basement because I refuse to have it 'pollute' MY fridge in the kitchen!  haha!  and we left (ok, I hobbled) to come back home, a two hour drive.

The aftermath

The next morning we were a sorry state.  Little did we realise that the cold sun had totally burnt us all!  My face is bright red as well as the side of my neck and the backs of my hands.  I feel so lucky that I had covered my face with my beanie when I took a nap because I only dread to think how bad it would have been.  J was not much better despite his 'easy to tan' skin and dark hair.

I also had one small blister and very very sore hips.

So, what have I learnt from my first 'sporting' event?

1.  Never drink the night before, not even a beer.
2. Wear sunscreen even if it's freezing cold (how did I forget about the classic ski sunglasses marks!)
3.  Not sure why my hips hurt, but maybe I should have done more stretching - can my shoes really be that heavy?
4.  That I was so very impressed with myself that I finished the circuit without moaning and despite Monday morning being rather difficult getting up the 2 flights of stairs to my office, I actually quite liked feeling like that.  It wasn't pain, it was a reminder that I had had a new experience and my body was adapting.

We've since looked at the guide for other events this year and we are definitely going to do another one.  J loves mountain biking and I really want to push myself.  I am getting all prepared to start jogging, that's the next step, for the moment, I'm still recovering!

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