Sunday, 6 May 2012

La La La.... I'm not listening

These last few days have been a never ending ill-fest and although I felt much better on Friday, I seem to have gone back down hill since then (co-indices with the end of one of the treatments).

This weekend was designated the weekend where we would install the interior doors that we got in the UK last weekend and our house now looks like a war zone. 

Due to the weather, J's had to have the 'workshop' in the house.  I have just been called for a second opinion and our 3rd bedroom looks like a hamster cage, and a disgusting one at that.  I did my duty, turned around and left the scene with a very heavy heart.  Living in a house renovation is really getting to me, not helped by the fact I feel rather terrible health-wise, it seems ten times worse today.

I can't imagine a time where your socks, or anything come to think of it, do not go white within 3 seconds of touching a surface.  I use the three second rule - if something has touched a surface for longer than 3 seconds, it will be unwearable.  I have totally given up on cleaning at the moment meaning the eventual job will be awful when I finally feel up to doing it. 

This weekend I've had to climb over the back of the sofa to access it as the sofa has been pushed into the corner for door workshop space No 2.   I'm doing my best to ignore the mess, the sound of tools and am desperately trying not to think about how stressful this all is.  I just want to be well and not be living in a renovation project, just for one day, please......

I have totally lost my appetite since being ill so I've not been doing much cooking and I feel bad for J who has been working for 2 days solidly on installing 3 doors. I just don't have the energy.  He's been good about it but I'm sure he's looking forward to eating in a resto tomorrow lunch time at work!

Today is one of those days I wish I had a fairy godmother, or someone nearby who could come and give me a hand.  Everything is just too much.  I miss my Mum today.


Crystal said...

aww I'm sorry to hear you are still sick and feeling a bit overwhelmed :( Moms come in very handy at times like these.

I'm not sure I can give you any advice because I'm sh*tty in stressful situations, but perhaps go on Pinterest and look at cute animal pics and inspirational quotes to help you get through?

Thinking of you and sending hugs!

Emmy said...

In fact, I have been doing exactly that! I even found a craft project on Pinterest today that I liked to distract me! What I want is to be feeling well and try to do some exercise! So frustrating!

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