Friday, 18 May 2012

My first encounter with the 'beautiful people'

I've only just come round after feeling on the worst side of rotten for practically a month.  Thanks for your kind words and concern, I really appreciated it!

I decided to start over my C25k training because I thought I may as well start somewhere, even if I was worried I wasn't physically ready.  I had originally started it when we were on a mini-break (haha, I think that's the first time I've used this phrase!) on the Normandy coast in April.  I managed only 2 runs before I got ill.  I was so annoyed and disappointed but I'm pleased my motivation managed to stick through the Michelin virus (so called as I was puffy!)

I am incredibly lucky to live very near a river/canal system and have often watched the joggers and bikes going past as I cross various bridges over the river.  Monday was to be the day that I joined them.

It takes about 7 minutes to walk to the canal from my house, just enough time to do the brisk walk warm up that the programme suggests.  The programme tells you when to walk and run and encourages you to keep going (ie, only 30 seconds left of jogging....)

I reached the steps down to the river path and was asked to start jogging in my earphones.  I nearly bumped into two ladies who were running up the stairs and I was going down them!  opps.  I turned right and started to jog.  I had not considered that I was now 'on show' and that there were so many joggers to cross!

It dawned on me that I had no idea of running etiquette!  Do you say hello to everyone that you meet coming the other way, or ignore them and pretend to fiddle with your ipod or scratch your nose?  I decided to smile and nod or say a bonjour - I had my ipod on anyway so I thought a smile would do the job.

The last time I jogged, I got enormous stitches and had to stop.  I've really researched stitches and tried to follow advice (don't drink or eat before you go out, breathe deeply, breathe as your left leg hits the floor) but nothing seemed to help it, except stopping.  This time, I took the only other advice I hadn't tried, which was to go REALLY slowly.  I can't say it helped greatly, but the stitch was more bearable and I only had to stop twice.  I am still really annoyed with myself because the last time I training for a 5k race, I don't remember getting stitches at all.  I mean, I'm not even breathing heavily or tired out and I get a fat stitch after 30 seconds jogging and have to stop.  I've been told that I gets better with time so I'm not giving up, but it is really really really annoying, especially as I'm so motivated to get fit!

So, low and behold, my stitch comes back and now with an audience of the 'beautiful people' as I like to call them.  aggghhhh.  I try to keep going and not grimace too much.  I stop when I have to (but after someone has just passed me!)  I realise I'm being ridiculous.  Yes, I am very intimidated by the joggers that almost sprint past me.  Yes, they are thin and I can see their shoulder muscles, and boy, they are even nicely tanned, but I can do better than this.

There are also a couple of joggers that look like me. Hey, even the beautiful people must have looked like me at one point, before they got fit and confident.  I think about all the people that have got fit and blog about it, who have inspired me, and feel instantly better.  Yes, I'm actually quite proud of myself. No, very proud.  I'm brushing shoulders with other people that are on their own personal journey.  Wherever it may take them, however long ago they started, they're on it, and I'm starting out on my own path.  The path is only 8 minutes of 1 minute runs with walking breaks in between, but with perseverance and good health (enough already stitches!) and a pinch of luck, the distance I can run will increase quickly.

I turn around half way through and admire the view, which is, in my opinion, stunning.  I'll try to take my camera out on a run in the near future and put some photos put here.  I feel blessed to live here, it really is special and I haven't started exploring the river paths properly yet.  I know they go on for miles and miles.  haha, ok, I think I'll do it on bike, not jogging! 

Once I get back onto the road, I feel less 'on show'.  Cars go by in a flash and don't notice that I only run for 30 seconds before I have to stop for my dam stitch.

I get back home, stretch out my sore hips and feel very content and full of energy!  My ipod nike + gizmo tells me I've covered 4,2km in 35 min 32s.  Walking and running, but covered all the same.



Crystal said...

I've seen that "inspirational poster" on Pinterest :)

I give you a high five for getting out there and sticking to it. I think the stitches just may be because you are getting over being ill for so long. I'm sure with regular jogging in the next week or so, they'll disappear. Someone I know, who is a professional runner, told me once that controlling your breathing while running or jogging is the most important thing to remember. If you can get your breathing down, anyone can run and run for a long time.

You're an inspiration (and you ARE one of the beautiful people)

Emmy said...

Hey! Pinterest is DANGEROUS! I am already totally addicted AND it's so useful!

shannon said...

I'm starting that same program! Again. Hopefully, I'll stick with it this time. If only the weather would cooperate... it's been hell for the past few days, so I haven't even been able to attempt a run. And I hear you on the stitches. I just cannot breathe correctly when I run.


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