Monday, 18 June 2012

The Big Week 5 with or without nike+ sensor

One thing I've done until now is not look ahead of the couch-to-5km programme and see how far I would be expected to run in the coming weeks.  At the weekend though my curiosity got the better of me and now I wish I hadn't looked!!  At the end of this week I'll (attempt to) do a 20 minutes run straight.  For an idea, last week I was on run 5 minutes, walk 1.5, run 3, walk 2.5 repeat.  How can I be expected to make the leap to running 20 minutes straight?  I spent a long time on the C25k FB page this weekend and a lot of people say it's their best day of the programme and just to trust the programme.  Well see.  I'm still struggling with side stitches, I know, I'm starting to bore myself with this too, but it's still sooooo annoying.  How will I cope for 20 minutes on Friday when I get them only after 4 minutes of jogging??  I can now pretty much control the pain so I guess I improving but running in discomfort, is well, difficult.  As a last ditch attempt to improve things (before I go to the Drs!!), I've started doing ab workouts daily (since Friday ha) to try to improve my core stability.  We'll see if it helps, today it didn't really but it has only been 3 days and my abs are sooo sore at the moment.


Talking of today's run, 3 x 5 minute runs with 3 minute walking breaks in between.  The helpful digital coach told me my endurance was improving!  hehe!  I was so disappointed to find out when I got home that my nike+ sensor hadn't worked so I couldn't see how I'd done with speed or distance.  It said I'd run for 34minutes but only covered 0.01km.  I was very disappointed by this but I know in my own mind that I did well and didn't have to stop once during my runs!  I would have liked the techie info though.  Fingers crossed it was a one off.  I run in heavy rain last Friday (I never thought that would be a sentence I would write, ever in my life!!) and my ipod has been playing up too since then.  I hope the rain didn't kill the ,ike+ sensor off as well as my ipod touch!

Have you ever been let down by your nike+ sensor?  How did you cope?  Did it reoccur?  Please tell me that there's still life left in it!  Oh and my poor ipod touch.  I think I'd need counselling if that went to techie heaven in the sky......


Erica said...

Can I make a suggestion to help you avoid side cramps? You might be running too fast on the "run" portion of C25k. Make sure you're running slowly enough to be able to hold a conversation. You might be getting cramps because you're running too fast, and your breathing can't keep up.

(I've been running for the last 10 years or so, on and off, and I know that's one of the reasons I get cramps.)

Emmy said...

Hi erika, thanks for commenting. I think i run slowly as it is but im no expert, i think im at 8min a km at the mo more or less.. I got told to slow done at the beginning of the programme and it did seem to help a tiny bit. The problem is that i feel marvelous and totally capable of going quicker except for my stitch. Its holding me back. Im starting to think ive got gall stonrs! I mean i get stitchrs after only running for a few minutes. They are getting more managable or is it that im getting used to the pain and running through it?! Its so frustrating.

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