Sunday, 10 June 2012

One month C25k recap

I've been doing the Couch-to-5k training for a month now so I thought I'd note down a few of my observations.  I've actually only completed 3 weeks of the course and not 4 as I should have because in the 3rd week I had my concert and missed a day's run so decided to do week 3 again.

1.  I've lost 3 kgs!  Not bad going for someone who isn't really overweight!  I'm a pear shape - my top half is a UK size 10 whilst my bottom half is a size 12 and I was edging toward a 14...  I'm hoping I may lose some of my saddle bags on my thighs but no luck yet.  I seem to have lost weight on my face, my upper arms (my ipod armband is now a bit loose even on it's tightest) and my bum.

2.  My cellulite has improved a lot!  I've always had loads of the stuff, but running three times a week for 30 minutes seems to be shifting it.

3.  My skin is so much softer than before.  I'm trying to drink 1,5 litres of water a day and whilst it as easy at the beginning, my intake has decreased a lot last week - must try to keep it up.

4.  I'm not getting headaches like I used to.  I'm very prone to them, I often wake up with them and they're there ALL day, even when I'm dosed up on paracetamol AND ibuprofen.  I still get them, but less often.

5.  My mood on the days I run are so much better than on the days that I don't run.  Even J has started to ask 'uurm, are you running tonight?' in the hope that my grumpiness on said day will disappear once I've gone out.  It's true, I feel invincible when I get back in!  Full of energy, vitalised, wide awake and ready for anything.  Running does improve my mood.  Fact.

6.  The next day though it is so hard to get out of bed!!  I'm exhausted the morning after. haha

7.  I'm still getting my side stitches with greater or lesser effect.  There have been a couple of times that I didn't get one at all and flew through the workout.  Other times I have to stop, bend over, breathe deeply, exhale on left footstep, stretch to the side.....and off I go again.  I manage them much better than before but it's still so annoying.  I'm physically coping with the runs - my legs are ok, not too out of breathe, but when the stitch comes, I'm crippled.   I went through the stage where I was scared to start running in fear of the pain of the stitch.  I'm over that now and when I feel it coming on, i try to concentrate on breathing and footstriking Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. 

8.  Although I still get stitches, I realised (only on Friday!!) that my pace has increased somewhat too over the last month.  I have found the nike+ sensor to be really useful and motivating.  Nike has just changed their site this week and the information on your runs is even better than before. During my first runs, I was maxing at 9,30minutes/km and now I'm up to (down to) 7,30minutes/km.  This is still really slow, but I'm improving each run and without even realising it!  *nike+ graph geek*  This may also have something to do with why I am still getting stitches.  Maybe my body is getting used to my pace, and then I go and speed up again.  If anyone has any ideas, please share.

9.  On Friday, I had my first experience of *needing* to run.  Believe me, even I was shocked!!  me, feeling a need to get out there and pound the road?!  definitely a first for me.  I'd had an awful day at work, really an awful day.  I got home, threw my running gear on, notched up the volume on my week 3 running playlist on my ipod and went out.  Unfortunately the stitch came on strongly and I was so annoyed and didn't want to stop at all so I screamed out loud and started shouting at myself in drench and English to keep going.  Luckily no 'beautiful people' were overtaking me at this time but I don't think it would have made a difference - I still would have screamed out.  I got through the day's course just about, I had to stop for my stitch once but only briefly.  Mind over matter won on Friday.  I got home, exhausted and promptly fell asleep on the couch for 20 mins.  I can't say that it was a great run, or a great running experience.  It was raw, and I needed it to be raw after the week I'd just had at work.  It taught me a lot about my perseverance and most importantly, how much I want this.  My motivation to get fit is quite incredible.  I can't say it will always be like this, but hell, I'm loving the here and now.



Andromeda said...

Excellent! I have been so lazy, forgetting how good that post-workout feeling is. And the end of race feeling is even better! You'll see, you'll be doing half marathons in no time :-)

shannon said...

Awesome work!

Canedolia said...

Congratulations - it sounds as though this is going really well for you! You've almost inspired me to give running another try.


Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

The results must be so encouraging! I think that the more you run, the more you"ll want to. So proud of you! Keep it up girl! xx

Emmy said...

Andromeda - I hope so! Athough right now I'm aiming for a 10km next year and hopefully a 5km at the end of the summer, maybe in the UK as France is pap with medals and I NEED a medal for my first run! ha

Canadolia - Trust me, I WAS that person who hating walking even, never mind jogging just because! I love it now but it's a personal journey. I want to see that I am capable.

Wii Eyes - love you. We seriously need to see each other., like yesterday.

Emmy said...

From Miss Misfit but I wanted to hide her email adress from spammers so here's her message again with a random email address.

Hi Emmy, Sorry its taken me so long to reply to your comment on my blog - life has been very busy recently and I was not feeling very inspirational, so I stayed away from my blog. But i'm back now :-) Thank you so much for your message - it was such a pleasant surprise and it's certainly nice to not feel so alone. How come you have stayed in Picardie so far beyond your original 7 months? If you want to email me you can at Hope you are keeping well and good luck with your training

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