Thursday, 26 July 2012

The end/beginning cycle

Yea, I'm a bad blogger.  I hang my head in no-post shame.  This past month has been crazy busy.

This week is week 9 in the C25k programme - my last week.  I can't believe it!

After my last post, I decided to go to the Drs about my side stitch just to reassure myself I didn't have an organ that was doing funny things. I was given a prescription to get an ultrasound of my stomach.  It was a great medical experience actually.  Every medical test is a new one for me in France, even 7 years after moving here.  Going to the ultrasound scan clinic was quite interesting.  It was super clean and efficient and I was talked through the scan and thankfully was told everything was normal and came away with coloured scan photos to tale back to my Drs.  I was relieved I didn't have any problems with my liver as I previsously have had and the pain was making me think I had gall stones.  So no, I'm in the clear.  The Dr then sent me for a blood test and the day I had the test, I got the written results to say that it was pretty ok a part from being low on vitamin D.  Very pleased with the care I got and now I have a 4 month vitamin D supply.  The Dr also gave me some cortisone gel to put on my stomach as the only other thing giving me the horrendous stitches I was getting was simply muscle strain! I don't know if it's the gel, but I have seen a general improvement in my stictches.  In fact, I've not had one (touch wood) for my last two runs!!  yippee, it's about time!  9 weeks with a stitch and I persevered. 

So, I'm coming to the end of the C25k programme.  I ran 30 minutes on Monday without stopping once and it felt pretty easy.  I'm a slow runner, and I realise how much my stitches have been holding me back.  During my last run, I didn't have a stitch and I felt I could push it to go faster for the first time ever.  My goal is to run 5k in less than 30 minutes, so a pace of 6min/km.  I'm not far off, but I always start my nike+ sensor during my warm up walk so the pace is always off.  Once I've finished the programme at the end of the week, I'll do a 'real' 5k run using the nike+ sensor to see how fast (or slow) I go. 

It's the beginning of the next phase!  I've finally found a couple of 5km races in my region (one in my village!!) and J and I are going to do the first together at the beginning of September in the region.  I can't wait! One of them is also for a good cause (although no one will get sponsored, it's just the inscription fee)!  I've really come a long way, and quite proud of myself.  J is proud too.  He's not done any training at the mo for the race in September.  The last time he came running with me, the programme was at 10 minutes, so I think he might have a bit of a shock, 30 minutes plus!!


It's the end of the academic year.  This year has been difficult to say the least. My boss left in February and I had a huge amount on my plate for a long time.  I almost reached breaking point when the new boss and change in management style, arrived.  But I'm so thankful we actually have a new director!!  After a terrible 6 months, things are looking up for next year!

So, with the end of the year comes the start of the holidays!!  I have just left the office for 3 weeks!  It won't sink in for a few days (and I already feel guilty ....have I remembered to do this, what happens if xyz rings/emails.....)  I'll get over it quickly, but it is quite hard to switch off!  I'm back in the UK tomorrow for a week, then J and I will head south in search of beautiful views, adventures, sun and salty seashores.

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